What Happens In An Internet Minute

Want to know what happens in an internet minute…Lets See!!​

In the word of internet lot of things happens in an Internet minute and we don’t know about it.

The internet is our basic need now-a-days. Internet is a huge global network providing a variety of information and communication facilities.

And on that internet millions of things happening every day in a minute. That’s what we read about here What Happens In An Internet Minute.

Business ,Online marketing, Online banking, Social Media, Online Education this all grows day by day and so the internet too likewise on technology changes in every second,the internet is the biggest part of the technology and its many things continuously change in an Internet minute.

What Happens In An Internet Minute

  • GOOGLE :  The most popular search engine on internet in An Internet Minute is 3.7 million search quires .
  • FACEBOOK :  A biggest social network where 973,000 logins in internet minute.
  • MESSAGES :  A very first text messaging app still in one minute there is 18 million text messages.
  • YOU-TUBE :  Most popular video sharing website in one minute internet 4.3 million videos viewed.
  • INSTAGRAM : The trending social media certainly 174,000 scrolling Instagram.
  • WHATS-APP  : Most favorite text messaging service 38 million messages.
  • TWITTER : This is the online news and social networking service where each minute 481,000 twit sent.
  • PLAY-STORE : google’s digital distribution service where 375,000 Apps downloaded.
  • TINDER : A trending mobile app has 1.1 million swipes in a minute.
  • EMAIL : mail exchanging service on digital devices in An Internet Minute –187 million emails sent.
  • SPOTIFY : A music streaming platform where 40,000 hours listened.
  • LINKED-IN :  Business and employment oriented service in an internet minute is 120 new accounts created.
  • MESSENGER : A facebook’s messaging app, 25,000 GIF’s sent via messenger.
  • SNAPCHAT : Popular multimedia messaging app almost 2.4 million snaps created.
  • NETFLIX : A biggest media service provider in a minute 266,000 hours watched.

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