What Is Framework In Programming Language

What Is Framework In Programming Language ?

Within the next few minutes you would have almost in depth knowledge about what is a framework, what is programming language and what are common misconceptions of people about them, without wasting time let’s come to the point.

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  • Quietly hack his brain with interest to read completely
  • Definition of framework
  • Definition of programming languages
  • What people confuse with frameworks
  • Application of frameworks in different fields
  • Why you shouldn’t use frameworks without basic programming knowledge

What Is Framework In Programming Language ?

A framework means a software developed to help you create anything for what the framework is particularly designed for without the problem of completely knowing the programming language. Okay, I know it was a bouncer now with a cliché example.

Metasploit is a framework which is used to create payloads to hack any system, so you don’t need to learn the language in which it was built.

What is Programming language ?

A programming language is the language of a computer to understand and make him do what you want him to do.

I hope it is clear but just to be super sticky to your memory, programming language is cells and the body is the program which is created with it as it is the same as the cells are the building block of the body.

An example to explain both!

Now, explaining both with an example in context to each other, programming language is Netflix and the shows, movies, documentaries, etc. are the frameworks.

So you can get different types of frameworks on a single programming language and as there are more streaming sites like amazon prime you have more and more programming languages.

Is software and Framework the same thing ?

Now, some of the intellects on the internet😬😬 think that software and framework are the same, a harsh NO! 

As they aren’t the same there is a type of software framework which helps you create software without having proper knowledge of the programming language. In contrast to develop a framework you need to learn a programming language at its best.

Types of frameworks and their applications

Now, types of frameworks or application of frameworks. There are almost frameworks ready for you to use for anything, web application development, data science, data mining, database management, hacking, etc.

Let’s just know some of the main frameworks of the things listed above and the software / websites / databases developed by them.

For the web applications the best framework we have is,

  • AngularJS it is developed with the javascript language and some of the most known web application are:

  1. Paypal for the money handling
  2. Netflix for streaming
  3. Upwork for freelancing
  4. Youtube for content watching, learning

For the data science the best framework one can use is,

  • Flask it is developed with Python programming language:
  1. Netflix
  2. Reddit
  3. Lyft
  4. Zalando

For the data mining the best framework is,

  • Apache Mahout is written using Java and Scala. Some of the companies using this framework are:
  1. Boston Bruins
  2. Mimecast Ltd
  3. Adaptive Insights Inc

For the database management the best framework is,

  • MySQL is developed using language C and C++. MySQL is used by these companies are:
  1. Uber
  2. Airbnb
  3. Pinterest
  4. Udemy
  5. Twitter

Conclusion (What Is Framework In Programming Language)

Now, with the biggest and last question should one use a framework without having proper knowledge of programming knowledge. 

So the answer is NO! You can definitely use it but having a bit of knowledge of the language in which your framework is written would just increase your efficiency with your work, So knowledge wouldn’t harm, increase it.

Here we discussed everything about the Framework, and What Is Framework In Programming Language. Hope you liked this article.

In case of any kind of doubt please feel free to comment. We are here to help you all techies. Keep yourself safe.

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