What Is Google AMP? – AMP Framework and Its Benefits


Google Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is an open-source project by Google, it is an HTML open-source framework developed by Google.

  • It was developed to create content that is automatically optimized for mobile phones and the pages do not take much time to load, mainly it focuses on instantly loading web pages in mobile phones for web publishers.

We all want a website that consists of informative and relatable articles with videos, animations and many more things alongside there must be ads running on it.

Google has also quoted that they need the same code to work on multiple platforms and devices, regardless of the phone, tablet, or mobile device being used by the user.

Google with AMP aims to deliver the best mobile experience to the users. Google wants to deliver everything a user needs, it may be in the video, information, or any kind of content in a faster and an accurate way.

  • Google does not want its user to wait even for a little bit and provide everything to its user on the go.

AMP was freshly introduced on October 7, 2015. After a preview period, AMP appeared in google mobile search results. And the links in the search results which consist of AMP had a sign of thunderbolt as well as “AMP” is also written.   


Javascript is the most enhanced language on the web, it can modify every part of the page but on the other hand, it makes the pages render and stops the DOM constructions.

So, to solve this issue of page rendering and blocking of DOM constructions AMP uses asynchronous JavaScript.

AMP framework has the JAVASCRIPT within its grip but it takes care of the degradation of the page, ie. no degradation is occurred to any page due to any functionality.

Rather than using Javascript written by webmaster, Amp uses regular Javascript. The custom AMP elements can be used by javascript but precautions should be taken regarding the performance of the web page that it should not deal with any kind of lag or rendering.

iFrames are allowed by the third party javascript but it cannot block rendering.

Ads, iFrames, or the images which belong to external resources have to mention their size in HTML so that AMP can figure out each element’s size and position before the downloading of the resources.

The page of the layout is loaded without downloading any kind of resources. Amp disengages document layout from the resource layout with an add on of need of only one HTTP request which layouts the whole document.

Amp is so much optimized that it circumvents all the massive recalculations in the browser. No resources will be loaded and no re-layout is done.

Amp does not support page rendering block through the extension mechanism. Amp braces extension for tweets, lightboxes, Instagram, etc. Some additional HTTP request is required by these but page layout and rendering is not blocked by those requests.

Synchronized JS loading is preferred by third party javascript.

Let us take an example, you have 6 ads on your page and it requires 4 synchronous loads which takes 1sec delay of time, on calculating we get 24 seconds of delay in time, and in this time we did nothing but just loading of javascript.

Third-party javascript is allowed by AMP but only those iFrames which are sandboxed. The third-party javascript is not able to be blocked from the main page execution when they are restricted to iframes.

The DOM size restricts the time it takes to style recalculate and layout so that the fast recalculations of iFrames are carried out.

The cascading style sheets(CSS) wedges all page loading, rendering and it also makes the little bit inflated. Only inline styles are allowed in AMP HTML.

And this results in the removal of HTTP requests that are facing censorious rendering of pages. 50kB is the maximum size for inline style sheets.

On measuring anything on the page, style recalculations are triggered which pays off more because the layout of the whole page has to be done by the browser.

Firstly, the DOM read happens before the DOM writes in the AMP pages. Now, the font in webs has to be optimized because they are large over the internet. On a few pages the browser waits a lot to download the large fonts and then the page is loaded.

This absurd functionality is reduced by AMP pages. Because of the javascript in AMP, there is zero declaration of HTTP requests

GPU helps in optimization and makes the process faster. Layers are known by the GPU and it knows how to use them to perform a certain function.

On the other hand, it can’t update the page layout. The browser is responsible for all these activities but this is not ethical, this should not happen.


  • AMP JS
  • AMP Email

AMP JS: Accelerated Mobile Pages provides a consistent and great experience to all the users across the web by enhancing the use of highly functioning components.

  • Some web surfing needs a high amount of customization that is beyond capabilities. For those issues AMP has created amp js (), it allows the use of javascript on your AMP pages without affecting the overall function and performance.
  • The amp-script uses WEBWorker, WEBWorker is given its DOM copy through amp-script. This allows the WEBWorker to use javascript libraries. 
  • The  makes sure that pages will load fast and with a smooth user interface. The main advantage is that it ensures that nothing is on the page which causes it to  render.

AMP HTML: HTML has a component as amp HTML which authors pages such as news articles that guarantee the best results. Being its component it has some restrictions on its full fledge functionality.

  • AMP HTML docs can be uploaded on the server and can be treated as normal HTML docs.
  • It does not require any special customization regarding the servers.
  • AMP HTML is a standard HTML that consolidates custom AMP properties. 

AMP Email: Google declared an AMP framework, AMP Email in 2019. It allows the sender to include components of AMP in the emails and it makes the functionality of the modern app within the email.

  • AMP HTML components are provided by AMP Email for its use in messaging, the recipient can directly connect with the message sender by using AMP Email dynamically.


As we all know websites make money through ads on its page, but these ads make the experience of the user worse. It makes it difficult for the user to perform the functions on the website.

On the other hand, there are many ways to block ads blocker that have made money making difficult. For many users, the main priority is of loading up of the website so they make use of ads blocker.

AMP can be used in this issue i.e, for making money, AMP can be used. It ensures effective money-making on the mobile web.

There is various ad net that amp uses: these are called amp-ad-extender. Here we go__

  1. Amazon A9
  2. AdReactor
  3. Gooogle Doubleclick
  4. Flite
  5. Taboola
  6. AdForm
  7. DotAndAds
  8. Plista etc.


Amp Website

The demo has been provided by google displaying all the features of AMP. You can also use it by going to amp dev on your mobile.

Then you search for anything, then you will be seeing Amp articles at the top. Click on any article for reading purposes. You can navigate left or right and read the article which is AMP driven. The experience differs from the normal navigation.


  • It escalates the growth in traffic and SEO ranking since the best way to do this is to increase the use of AMP in the webpages. The loading time of the page also plays an important role in SEO which is initiated by AMP.
  • Since it attracts traffic and makes the loading time of the pages very fast so it ensures that the traffic will be more attractive so there will be a low bounce rate. This factor will make the page grow more.
  • It also discourages the ad blocker and provides various ways through which site owners can put ads on the page without any increase in the rendering of the web page, this ensures that monetizing is made easy through the amp.
  • Since there is growth in traffic and SEO ranking increases so the website will be at the top of the search list, which indicates that the website owner will be ranked higher when they use AMP.


So, here we discussed everything necessary about the google AMP. Hope you liked the article on the (What is Google Amp). Just firmly go through the article you will be able to understand all the basic concepts and applications of Google AMP.

In case of any kind of doubt please feel free to comment us. We are here to help you all techies. Keep yourself safe.

We will be back with another great article which would prove an add to your technical knowledge.  

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