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In olden days people used to see a map on a paper and the most troubling part of this was that we ourselves didn’t know where we are standing we have to get whether to go North or South but now it is Google Map a convenient option to us whether it is on mobile phone laptop or on your smartwatch you can say where you are very you have to go and in fact it shows the easy part to reach your destination but how they do it to know all this answer you have to read this article.

What are Google Mapping?

Google Mapping is a service of web mapping which is developed by Google. It is being used by over 1 billion people every month in the year of 2020. It provides detailed information about geographical regions and sites all around the world.

Google Maps provides you with satellite imagery, Street maps, panoramic views of streets, planning of your path while travelling in any transportation means like car, bicycle, foot etc and concurrent traffic situation.

It is like a bird’s eye view or you can say top-down view. Most of the images of cities are mid-air photography taken from aeroplanes flying at 800 to 1500 feet while others are as of satellites. 

The images get modified on a daily basis. Google Map Extractor tool and Google Map scrapped are also different mapping tools apart from it.

History of Google Mapping.

Google Maps were designed by two Danish brothers Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen and Noel Gordon and Stefan Ma at the company “where 2 Technologies” and was first started as C++ program

It was supposed to be downloaded by each user separately but later the idea of distribution got changed and pitched to the idea for a purely web based product to Google management. Google converted it into a web application.

For Android and IOS devices Google Maps was released in September 2008 and also features like GPS turn-by-turn navigation with dedicated parking assistance feature. 

It became the world’s most popular app for smartphones in August 2013 with over 54% of global smartphone owners using it at least one time. Over 7100 employees and contractors got started working in mapping directly in 2012 reported by Google.

How does it work?

Most of us use Google Maps on a daily basis and it helps a lot in many things but have you ever thought about how it works? There are so many features but how does it work? so let’s know.

Google acquired a company “where 2 technologies” in the mid 20’s. That time there was another map service MapQuest where you have to refresh it frequently so Google wanted a type of map where you can easily zoom out and where there will be no need to refresh.

Google tied up with the government and asked them about the accurate route details, which road passes from where and reach where, what is the size of road and how many lanes are there but to provide all the little details is not possible.

Therefore satellite images come into play and then slowly slowly by collecting all the details the layouts got created worldwide. 

There is also the option of Zoom in to see the turn of streets and markings. To be more accurate street views come to use. The option of street view is not available in all the country. 

But wherever they are the vehicle there capture every detail by 360 degree view and the smart AI of Google analyse the sign board on the road through the captured images to tell you about the turning of street and all other important details to improve its data.

Google Maps let you know which road is one way, where is no parking and where you can park your vehicle. You can also  see the actual shapes or height of the building. This is done by capturing the images from the airplane to provide the 3D view of your town.

Google tries to provide the details about the shops in yellow pages but the owners of the shop start approaching Google themselves to provide the details like timing, their contact details etc. So this listing we can see easily. Google Maps also provides internal mapping of some buildings like malls, airports.

We also provide some data to Google Maps. Some people provide the street view of their Gully where Google can’t reach and also give information about the crowd.

Due to our location services on the phone Google tells where there is traffic jam or which place is crowded.

If a new lane is constructed and so Google doesn’t know about it but when people start using this lane Google can observe the movement on that particular place through our mobile phone location services  and then list that place. By compiling all this detail, we can use it easily.

How to use Google Map?

Open your Google map on your phone, laptop or Tablet to explore any place you want to.

Type the address of your desired place and then to reach there quickly, get the fastest route on the map.

Find the place and then get directions. You can also find street view imagery.

At the bottom of a map on a Phone or Tablet or laptop tap on Go. You will get the information about travel times and directions and then you can reach your destination easily.

Misuse of Google Maps.

In the year of 2005 the Australian nuclear science and technology organisation complained about the terrorists using satellite images in Planning attacks. So Google had to coloured over some places for security like the rooftop of the White house and several important buildings.

Simon Weckert, an artist in Berlin, used 99 second hand smartphones to fake a traffic jam on Google Map. He walked down to the street with 99 phones to the street and turned Green Signal to red signal on Google map.

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