What Is TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)

TRAI Full Form 

TRAI full form ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India )

What is TRAI?

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is set up by the Government of India under section 3 of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997. TRAI is the regulator of the tele-communications sector in India.

The present Chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is Ram Sewak Sharma.

TRAI’s mission is to create and develop conditions for the expansion of the telecommunication sector in India to enable the country to possess a leading role in the global information society.


TRAI CHANNEL SELECTOR app offers the functionality through which consumers can view their DPO’s offerings, fetch the existing subscription details and plans, choose & optimize channel and Bouquet packages, modify the existing selection and set selection with respective DPOs.

TRAI CHANNEL SELECTOR APP will suggest the best configuration i.e. combination of Bouquet or channel based on consumer’s selection so that it’ll help to cut back the total monthly bill. 

It’ll also suggest a combination of Channels or Bouquet supported on consumer’s interest keeping seeable geographical, regional, language, genres, etc. preferences that what would you like.

You can also able to check that the operator activated any channel or packs without any permission which we common people face with the cable and operator.

Through this TRAI channel selector app, you can easily able to find the channel list, channel pricing, best packages DTH, and much more you want related to DTH operator.

If you want to know the price of channels, channels list, its rates, free channels list, etc. you will be able to know in this app. It’s a complete package of information regarding DTH.

TRAI Review

As of now TRAI app provide following dth operator

  • Airtel DTH
  • Asianet
  • InDigital
  • Sun Direct
  • Dish TV
  • D2H
  • Hathway Digital
  • DEN Network
  • Siti Network
  • Tata Sky
  • GTPL
  • TCCL
  • Kerala Vision Digital TV

Note: DEN Networks Ltd. is carrying out maintenance of their IT infrastructure, so the subscribers of DEN shall not be able to use Channel Selector App but soon DEN shall be again available on the App.

Here I will show you step by step guidance related to this TRAI app. Just follow these simple steps and save money in your monthly plan of your dth.

How To Select Channels As Per TRAI

1. Install TRAI CHANNEL SELECTOR APP from here -> Click Here

2. Open app

how to select channels as per trai

3. Now login screen will appear just fill the details like registered mobile number which is linked with your dth or you can also fill step-up box number or subscriber ID.

how to select channels as per trai

4. Click on continue

5. After that you will receive an OTP in your registered mobile number.

You shall receive OTP through SMS or displayed on your TV screen(some operator provide this feature), sent by your DTH/Cable Provider. OTP shall be valid for next 5 minutes only.

how to select channels as per trai

6. Click verify

7. After that all the plans active in your setup box will be appear in that screen or if you have multiple subscription or multiple setup box on same mobile number just select that which you want to modify. Click on that Set Top Box number.

how to select channels as per trai

8. Upon selecting Set Top Box or if you have entered through customer ID OR Set Top Box Number so that respective subscription will be shown here.

You can just verify here all the information, remaining balance and much more.

how to select channels as per trai

Note: Check  all the details of your existing subscription plan like Subscriber Id, No. of Bouquet, Total No. of Channels (includes total  number  of channels of bouquet and in an alacarte-Paid or free channels), No. of Individual Channels (includes only an alacarte-Paid or free channels), Subscriptions Value /Month, Subscriptions activation date & Balance amount in your account.

9. Click on view plan to modify.

10. Here you will get all the details of your current plan in detail.

how to select channels as per trai

11. Here you have to modify/edit your current plan according to you.

how to select channels as per trai

12. After modifying it click on Submit

13. It will show updated and new plan which you changed according to you and here it will show the new price and how much you saved.

how to select channels as per trai

14. Click on optimize to set new plan which you created.

15. Select any one, Optimized Pack or Your Selection, through which you want to proceed and want to set your new subscription.

how to select channels as per trai
how to select channels as per trai

16. Click on continue.

17. After that you will get summary of your selection and here your will get an option to add free channel. If you want then select it otherwise skip.

What is trai
What is trai

18. Click on proceed.

19. View Final Subscription list of Bouquet / Channels

What is trai

20. Click proceed

21. Done, enjoy your saved money.

What is trai

To Check Change Subscription Status:-

To view the Change Subscription Status, Click on the sidebar menu and then Click on Check Change Subscription Status after that You will be able to view the status of the last request made by you with your DTH or cable operator.

Status of the last submitted request can be shown:

  • Active- Your request has been activated by DTH or cable Operator
  • In Progress- Your request is in progress with DTH or cable Operator
  • Rejected- Your request has been rejected by DTH or cable Operator, due to various reasons. In this case you need to contact your DTH or cable operator directly.
What is trai
What is trai

Also till the time your previous request has status- In Progress, you will not be able to submit another change subscription request.

Conclusion (What is TRAI & How To Select Channels As Per TRAI )

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