Why Every Big or Small Business Needs Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing? Do you really know about its amazing services and its various uses in this era?

So, What does Cloud Computing mean?​​

Cloud computing means internet-based computing. Where the computing services are shared over the internet. Such as information, and application sharing through the network.

Cloud computing is a platform where every single word is being recorded to its data center. Even when we send emails, store the pictures or send the data, edit documents, watch movies everything will be managed by cloud on its own way this is a superior automated service.

Every time you play you-tube videos, or watch movies and your disk is not affected with storage problems or speed problem do you know why?

Because there is a store in the Google data center and not on your computer or phone and that’s what we called cloud computing.

In this case, if we use the software over the internet shared by other organization then you don’t need to run that software on your place.

Almost everything is connected to the digital world of Cloud Computing.Cloud computing contains many solutions in the business space.

Things you can do with cloud computing:​

  • You can make new apps.
  • You can make predictions by analyzing data.
  • Audio, video streaming.
  • Store, backup and recover.
  • Hosting of websites and blog.
  • 24*7 supportive.
  • Automatic updating of service and applications.

This is the reason why many businesses, almost all whether it will be a big or small everyone makes use of cloud computing.

The biggest example is Facebook. Facebook is one of a good example of a cloud.

Cloud Computing is used by many organizations, Mid-size Business, and startups.

Why Every business switch to Cloud Computing?​


  • Cloud computing reduces the cost of buying hardware or software, cost of maintaining the software, cost of electricity, the racks of servers and also reduces the IT experts for managing the infrastructure.
  • This advantage is beneficial especially for startups and small businesses. as they can’t afford this. so they can invest their money on other important stuff..


  • In the era of the technical world, things change fast and the small business needs to change continuously and so it is hard to maintain the hardware, software to be updated and purchasing it is too expensive and time-consuming too.
  • A solution for this is one and only is cloud storage. Which takes care of all. It helps you to make use of software which u can’t buy that moment, keeps you from wasting your time and money.


  • When small to medium business switch with cloud computing it increases their productivity by 40%.
  • Cloud computing keeps you away from many tasks like racking and stacking for the hardware, other IT management chores and software patching.
  • Because of cloud computing you don’t have to waste your time on this you just focus on your goal and productivity and you’ll achieve your targeted goals.


  • Cloud computing upgrades the latest generation of fast and efficient computing hardware.
  • Securing our data is the biggest cloud computing service and its beneficial over the single corporate data centers also.
  • It can deliver reliable performance.


  • In the business the losses of data is a big issue but cloud computing can saves you from this.
  • As it has a data backup, disaster recovery can be managed by cloud and it makes business continuity easier and less expensive.
  • Even If any part of cloud computing is failed in any case then others must be working fine still the first one will be fixed.

Less space:

  • Cloud computing can access less memory of your machines. Which could increase the life span of machines and also reduces the space needed for the network routing.

Lower Cost:

  • Cloud-based software generally costs lower than its shelf brethren.
  • Cloud computing also cost less for data storage and online backup.
  • In short, the company doesn’t have to invest much on the other stuff like software, applications, their maintenance and the storage.


  • Cloud computing is a business standard now-a-days.
  • It makes easier the user’s accessibility.
  • Cloud computing has many advantages for the businesses and the business owners either it is small or big it will be the best choice always.
  • These benefits are more for small and large businesses.
  • The small business which doesn’t have any large IT or accounting department will see immediate benefits of cloud computing.
  • Online security will get better and better every day and the business that chooses to embrace this cloud will reap the reward.


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