Windows 10 Shutdown Shortcut

How To Quickly Shut Down Windows 10

Windows 10 shutdown shortcut : If you want to shut down the computer, you have to do with three clicks but if I say that you can shut down your computer with a single click or just press the power button and shut down your computer without any harm.

I think it’s cool to operate a smart system smartly.

If anyone goes for shutdown, he will do follow the three steps shutdown process i.e. first click on the start button, after that click on the power button logo then select shutdown finally your system will turn off

I know it’s not a lengthy process but why don’t we do smart and easy work kind of we can say shortcut method (using shortcut method in the system is a good thing but bad in life).

So, I have come with 4 easy and fast way to shut down the computer in a smart way.

Method-1: Add a Shortcut of the Shutdown on Desktop

You can just create a shortcut file of shutdown through which, you can shut down your computer in a single click. That’s cool, right.

Follow these steps:-

1: Right Click anywhere on the desktop in open space.

2: A dialog box will appear, go on NEW.

3: Click on Shortcut

Windows 10 shutdown shortcut

4: This box will appear

Windows 10 shutdown shortcut

5: Just paste this on box

%windir%\System32\shutdown.exe /s /t 0

6: Click Next -> Then Type a name for the shortcut -> SHUTDOWN Shortcut

7: Click Finish

8: A Shortcut will appear on the desktop just click on it and the system will turn off.

That’s easy and simple. You can also drag it to the Taskbar for a single-click shutdown process.

Method 2: Using Shortcut Keys(basic way)

By pressing Alt-F4 brings up a Windows shut-down menu, with the shut-down option already selected by default (you can switch to other options like Restart, Sign Out, hibernate, sleep, and many more).

Then just press Enter and you’re done.

Windows 10 shutdown shortcut
  • Note:- This works only when you’re viewing the desktop. Alt-F4 is a global “close” command.
  • So, if you’re not on the desktop, it will close whatever program is currently active in your system.

Method3: through the start menu

If you right-click on the Start button, you’ll see a lengthy pop-up shortcut menu with “Shut down “ right near the bottom. Move Mouse over that option and then click “Shut down“.

This is also an easy and two-click way of shut down processes but easy and fast as a comparison to the traditional way of shutting down the system.😜

Windows 10 shutdown shortcut

Method 4: Changing Setting Of Power Button

Whenever you want to shutdown the system, either you go with regular way which was through start menu or shortcut keys.

But if I say you can shut down window by just pressing the power button.

I know you will say that by pressing power button system goes in sleep mode but I will tell you a way by which by just pressing it, system will shut down and turn off.

Just go with the following steps to setup it:-

1: Click on Start Menu

2: Search Control Panel

Windows 10 shutdown shortcut

3: Click on Power Options

Windows 10 shutdown shortcut

4: Click on “Choose what the power button do”.

Windows 10 shutdown shortcut

5: Change the “When I press the power button” category of plugged in and on battery, both to Shut Down from sleep.

Windows 10 shutdown shortcut

6: Click on Save Changes, That’s it.

7: Done

Now, whenever you press the power button, your system should immediately shut down.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Keyboard shortcuts are the keys or combinations of the keys that provide an alternate and easy way to do something you’d typically do with a mouse. 

Here are some common and basic keyboard shortcuts keys:

  • For Copy: CtrlC
  • To Lock your PC: Windows logo keyL
  • To Cut: Ctrl + X
  • You can use Windows logo key  + PrtScn to take a screenshot, Or use Fn Windows logo key  + Space Bar (depend upon your system).
  • To Paste: CtrlV
  • To Switch between open apps: Windows logo keyD
  • For Task View: Windows logo keyTab
  • For Shutdown options: Windows logo key+ X
  • To Maximize Window: F11 or Windows logo key  + Up Arrow 

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